The Brand

Francis Deschamp's Art is a Quebec, Canada-based online business that is exclusively owned by the artist, Francis Deschamps. The brand's primary focus is on the artist's unique creative expression, which is embodied in his paintings that showcase a fluid interplay of colors, shapes, and textures. These paintings are created using oil on canvas and watercolor on paper.

The Artist

"My name is Francis Deschamps, I am an artist from Quebec, Canada. Ever since my childhood, I've had interest for drawing and painting.


Interest quickly gained momentum and turned into passion. I studied Visual arts at Trois-Rivières college, learning about sculpture, photography, Digital art, engraving, serigraphy to name a few but I always loved painting and drawing above all other mediums.

As of today, I mostly produce : Oil paintings on canvas and watercolor on paper. What drives me to create art is that "wish you were here to see" kind of feeling we all know. What I see, I paint for other people to experience it also. As a Christian artist I seek also to honor the God of the bible in everything I do. Colossians 3:23."